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Awesome Open Source

Secretkeeper 0.1

Tiny java webapp with DB connection and basic encryption.
(learning/testing project)

Tech.: Maven + SpringBoot + JSP + Tomcat + Hibernate + MySQL.
Made in IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition under MIT License.

Longer Description

"Secret for a secret".
Keeps only a single row, but shows the old text to the submitter before it is overwritten by the new text.
Saves a timestamp and an encrypted text (AES+Base64).

Supports Jasypt (PBEWithMD5AndDES) for DB password encryption.

Launching app

  1. Fill-in DB info and SecretKey in SecretKey must be Base64 (used to encrypt the Secrets).
  2. Compile (mvn clean package) and place war in tomcat/webapps and (re)start the server. With Jasypt encrypted passwords, run set JAVA_OPTS="-Djasypt.encryptor.password=Your_Encryption_Key" before starting catalina.bat.

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