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  • Swift 3
  • Custom views for the card & overlay
  • Generic
  • Dynamically add new cards on top or on the bottom
  • Lazy view loading


pod 'DMSwipeCards'


First import the module:

import DMSwipeCards

Next create an instance of a DMSwipeCardsView:
(Element can be your custom model, or just String)

let swipeView = DMSwipeCardsView<Element>(frame: frame,
                                          viewGenerator: viewGenerator,
                                          overlayGenerator: overlayGenerator)

Views get loaded lazy, so you have to provide DMSwipeCardsView with a ViewGenerator and optionally an OverlayGenerator.

let viewGenerator: (String, CGRect) -> (UIView) = { (element: Element, frame: CGRect) -> (UIView) in
  // return a UIView here

let overlayGenerator: (SwipeMode, CGRect) -> (UIView) = { (mode: SwipeMode, frame: CGRect) -> (UIView) in
  // return a UIView here

Adding cards

To add new cards, just call the addCards method with an array of the previously defined Element:

swipeView.addCards([Element], onTop: true)


DMSwipeCardsView has a delegate property so you can get informed when a card has been swipped. The delegate has to implement following methods:

func swipedLeft(_ object: Any)
func swipedRight(_ object: Any)
func cardTapped(_ object: Any)
func reachedEndOfStack()

The object parameter is guarenteed to have the type Element. Sadly generics don't work here.


For a nice working demo sample, please take a look the Example project.
To run the example, first run pod install in the Example directory.


Loosly based on TinderSimpleSwipeCards

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