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CHaracter Aware Split Method

The main idea behind Chasm is to reuse password patterns in a way that is likely to produce probable password candidates.

So how does this work?

chasm1 chasm2 chasm3 chasm4


  • libjudy
    On debian based systems use:
    $ sudo apt install libjudy-dev


$ make
Or get the precompiled binaries. They are statically linked against libjudy.

Chasm usage

$ chasm -l 30 -k 2 out/chasm < dictionary.txt

Some user definable options that Chasm supports:

  • -a (Analyze frequency, will output the frequency of the split part)
  • -c Create rules for dictionary attack eg left-side becomes prefix rules ^ conversely right-side becomes $ suffix rules
  • -s Sort by frequency, highest first
  • -o [charcode] Only splits if the split character matches the character code, eg -o 101 will only split on the letter 'e' at the defined midpoint/range
  • -l [string len] Will not split if the length of the input string if greater than this number -l 20 will skip all strings greater than length 20.
  • -k [min occurance] Will not write splits where occurrence is less than defined occurrence -k 2 will not output splits which only occur once
  • -m [mid point] Instead of splitting the string in half (len/2) you can specify a position to perform the split on
  • -r [number] Will split X chars around the middle including the middle, X denotes how far you want to branch out

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