Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


Website phc v cng tc cu h, cu nn theo m hnh crowdsource (huy ng sc lc ca cng ng vn hnh). M hnh hot ng theo nguyn tc:

  • Nhng ngi vng an ton tham gia lm Tnh nguyn vin thng tin (T thm tn & ST ca mnh vo Danh sch Tnh nguyn vin)
  • Cc tnh nguyn vin thu thp d liu ku cu ca ngi dn, gi in xc minh v cp nht kt qu vo Danh sch H dn cn ng cu
  • Cc tnh nguyn vin thu thp d liu t cc n v cu h, gi in xc minh v cp nht kt qu vo Danh sch n v cu h

Bng vic duy tr mt ngun thng tin y , c cp nht lin tc, cc Tnh nguyn vin gip vic iu phi hot ng cu h, cu nn hiu qu hn. Trnh tnh trng:

  • H gia nh c ng cu, nhng thng tin vn tip tc c chia s trn MXH, cn tr hot ng ng cu cc gia nh cn kp hn
  • Ngi dn cn ng cu khng nm c thng tin v tnh trng ca n v cu h gi xin ng cu
  • Cc n v cu h khng nm c mc v s lng im cn ng cu ti tng khu vc a l (tnh, huyn, x, thn) iu phi ngun lc hiu qu


Nu bn l Tnh nguyn vin, bn c th:

  1. Vo trang
  2. T thm contact ca bn vo Danh sch Tnh nguyn vin
  3. ng ti / Nhn xc minh cc thng tin ku cu m cha c Tnh nguyn vin nhn cp nht
  4. ng ti / Nhn xc minh cc thng tin v cc i cu h m cha c Tnh nguyn vin nhn cp nht
  5. B sung cc dch v khc m bn c th h tr vo mc "Ngun tr gip khc" ngi gp nn c th tm n. Mt s dch v hu ch trong thin tai l:
  • Tm kim v t vn i cu h gn nht m ngi dn nn gi n
  • Np tin in thoi cho cc gia nh gp nn duy tr lin lc
  • Ch ng cnh bo thng tin v tnh hnh l lt ti cc im cn cu h

Nu bn l n v cu h, bn c th

  1. Vo trang
  2. T thm n v cu h ca bn vo Danh sch Cu h
  3. Ch ng update thng tin ca n v ln trang gip cc Tnh nguyn vin khc iu phi hot ng cu h tt hn
  4. Xem thng k s lng gia nh cn ng cu & s n v cu h ti cng khu vc ch ng iu phi ngun lc ti cc khu vc cn thit hn

Nu bn l lp trnh vin

  1. To pull request b sung tnh nng cho d n
  2. Nu l senior, bn c th ng c lm manager cho d n ny tip tc hon thin d n phc v cng ng



Ci t nhanh

Hng dn ci t bng Docker

Hng dn ci t khng dng Docker

Ci t tiu chun

  1. Ci t cc th vin cn thit (cn ci Python3.6 tr ln v Pip3 trc)
pip3 install -r requirements/development.txt

Ci cc th vin chy test environment nu cn thit (thm dummy data, chy unittests)

pip3 install -r requirements/testing.txt

2. Thay i cu hnh database t postgresql sang sqlite ( chy c local)

- trong file project/app/, comment out config postgresql v thay bng phn config sqlite

  1. Ci t PostgreSQL v to database shema
  • PostgreSQL
    • Debian/Ubuntu
      • Update mirror
      sudo apt update
      • Ci t postgresql
      sudo apt install postgresql
      • Ci t postgresql-contrib ( s dng UnaccentExtension) nu cha c ci sn cng postgresql trn
      sudo apt install postgresql-contrib
    • Centos
      • Ci t postgresql
      sudo yum install postgresql
      • Ci t postgresql-contrib
      sudo yum install postgresql*contrib
    • Docker image: c ci sn postgres-contrib
    • Cc h iu hnh khc vui lng ci t postgresql v postgresql-contrib theo hng dn chnh thc ti y
  • chy script sau to li schema
  1. To ti khon admin
  1. Mc nh ng nhp site bng ti khon admin
  • trong file project/app/, thay i username thnh username ca admin to bc 3

Mi trng dev

Chy webserver bng lnh sau:


Mc nh site s chy localhost:8087

  1. Hng dn frontend development
  • Phn admin th dng css, v js thun ca th vin. B qua phn ny.

  • Phn home page mi s s dng webpack-bundle ca django load file.

  1. Hng dn chun b mi trng dev
  • Bc 1: Chy lnh sau dev trn local npm run watch

  • Bc 2: Chy lnh sau render ra cc static file ca th vin (thng th ch dng cho admin page) ./project/ collectstatic --no-input

  • Bc 3: Tin hnh code v dev trong th mc project/app/static/webpack_sources Cc sources code ca th mc ny s c build ti th mc project/static/webpack_bundles

  • Lu : Tt c cc file static (js,css,svg,image) khi mun nhng vo html cn follow c php sau: File ny c t ng tm trong project/app/static

"{% static '/path/to/some_file' %}?v={{ REVISION }}"

Cc file scss v js hin ti import ti file loader. Css s t render ra v append vo header ca html

Tch hp API

Restful api doc ti y

Sau khi bn c cp api_token, cc request s follow theo doc nh bnh thng. Ngoi ra bn phi thm vo header tham s sau

Authorization: Token [api_token]

V d

curl -X GET [hostname]/api/cuuho/ -H 'Authorization: Token [api_token]'

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