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Android: Getting Started Samples

This contains Getting Started sample apps to accompany the Android developer guides on Adobe I/O.


How to use

In your browser

  1. Register a new app for the Creative SDK
  2. Note your API Key (Client ID), Client Secret, and Redirect URI. You will need them soon.

In your local development environment

  1. git clone this repo

  2. Open a component's code directory Android Studio (e.g., send-to-desktop-api/code)

  3. Add a new Java class called Keys with this code:

    public class Keys {
        public static final String CSDK_CLIENT_ID       = "<YOUR_ID_HERE>";
        public static final String CSDK_CLIENT_SECRET   = "<YOUR_SECRET_HERE>";
        public static final String CSDK_REDIRECT_URI    = "<YOUR_REDIRECT_URI_HERE>";
    	public static final String[] CSDK_SCOPES        = {"email", "profile", "address"};
    1. Add your API Key (Client ID), Client Secret, and Redirect URI to the Keys class
    2. Scope is not currently configurable. Please use the value of CSDK_SCOPES as seen above.
    3. This class is gitignored so you can avoid exposing your keys on GitHub
  4. Sync your Gradle files

  5. Run the app

  6. See the component guides on Adobe I/O to learn more about the components

More resources for the Creative SDK

Developer portal

Visit Adobe I/O for component guides, class references, and more.

Contributing to this repo

Pull requests and GitHub issues are welcome!

If you want to do a pull request, please get in touch with us before you start writing code, so we can avoid duplicated effort or unnecessary work.

Get help

Our growing community on Stackoverflow is a great way to get help. Just post your question and tag it with adobecreativesdk.

If you have feedback on this repo, submit a GitHub issue.

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