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Supertokens Core11,274
18 hours ago120otherJava
Open source alternative to Auth0 / Firebase Auth / AWS Cognito
5 months ago10apache-2.0Python
Identify hardcoded secrets in static structured text
2 days agomitPowerShell
AD Health Check, Send HTML Email, Ping machines, Encrypt Password,Bulk Password,Microsoft Teams,Monitor Certificate expiry, Monitor cert expiry, AD attributes, IP to Hostname, Export AD group, CSV to SQL,Shutdown, Restart, Local Admin, Disk Space, Account expiry,Restore Permissions, Backup permissions, Delete Files Older Than X-Days, export DHCP options,Read Registry,Distribution group AD attributes,Monitor Windows Services,Export Reverse DNS,Task Monitor,Monitor and alert, Exchange Health check,Get Network Info, Export AD Attributes,AD group members, Office 365 Group member, SQL to CSV, Outlook save send attachments, Upload files to FTP,Exchange – Total Messages Sent Received, Set Teams Only Mode, Intune Duplicate Device,Intune Cleanup Not Evaluated, Ownership and Grant Permissions, Write Create Modify Registry , Organization Hierarchy from AD,Azure AD Privileged Identity Management,Intune – Export MAM Devices,Intune Marking devices as Corporate, Dynamic to Static Distribution Group,Monitor Alert Office 365 services,Group Member Count,Bulk Addition external users sharepoint, ADD to Exchange online License Group,All in One Office 365 Powershell,Bulk Addition of Secondary Email, Automate move mailboxes to o365, Addition Modification Termination Exchange users, Monitoring Unified Messaging port,Unified Messaging Extensions Report, Set Default Quota for SharePoint,Bulk Contact Creation and Forwarding, Uploading and Downloading files sftp, Monitoring Sftp file and download, Office 365 groups Write back, CSV parser, Email address update, Email address modify, MDM enrollment, Welcome Email, Intune Welcome Email, remove messages, remove email, SKOB to AD, SKOB to group, PowerApps report, Powerautomate Report, Flow report, Server QA, Server Check List, O365 IP range, IP range Monitor, o365 Admin Roles, memberof extraction, CSV to Excel, Skype Policy, UPN Flip, Rooms Report, License Reconciliation,Intune Bulk Device Removal, Device Removal, Clear Activesync, Lync Account Termination,Lync Account Removal, Enable office 365 services, Enable o365 Services, Export PST, Site collection Report, Office 365 Group Sites, System Admin,ActiveSync Report,White Space,Active Directory attributes, outlook automation, Intune Detect App, Distribution list Fix, Legacy DN, start service, stop service, disable service, Message tracking, Distribution lists report,Distribution groups report,Quota Report, Auto reply, out of office, robocopy multi session, Home Folder, local admin, Database, UPN SIP Mismatch, Recoverable deleted, teams number, Number assignment, teams phone, AD Group Hierarchy, Hierarchy membership, Sync Groups, Powerapps, Powerapps DLP, AzureAD application, Azure AD Secret, AzureAD Certificate, AzureAD Cert, Powerapps DLP, Download SPO file, Download Sharepoint file, Sharepoint item download
a year ago3February 20, 202318apache-2.0Java
A secret manager for AWS
Cognito Backup Restore17022 years ago9July 22, 202018mitTypeScript
AIO Tool for backing up and restoring AWS Cognito User Pools
Cognito Helper14724 years ago1October 24, 201515mitJavaScript
Wrapper for Amazon Cognito library with methods common for a web or mobile app, like authentication with email and password, signup, federated login, link accounts, reset password etc.
Parsec Aws Automation142
a year ago1mitPython
Some utility scripts for making rolling your own cloud gaming server with Parsec on AWS easier, particularly with automation
Sonar Secrets95
3 months ago18otherJava
SonarQube plugin for identifying hardcoded secrets, such as passwords, API keys, AWS credentials, etc..
Terraform Aws Iam User64
9 months agoapache-2.0HCL
Terraform Module to provision a basic IAM user suitable for humans.
Terraform Aws Cognito User Pool51
a year ago5apache-2.0HCL
A Terraform module to create and manage Cognito User Pools (Simple and Secure User Sign-Up, Sign-In, and Access Control) on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Alternatives To Alks Go
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alks-go is a Go client library for accessing the ALKS API.

Documentation: GoDoc

Build Status: Build Status

alks-go requires Go version 1.7 or greater.


import ""

Construct a new ALKS client, then use the various services on the client to access different parts of the ALKS API. Please note that session creation requires username and password. IAM role CRUD operations can work with either username and password or an STS session.

Username/Password Authentication

client, err := alks.NewClient("http://my.alks.url/rest", "username", "password", "my-acct", "my-role")

// create new STS
resp, err := client.CreateSession(2, false)

log.Printf("Session: %v ~~ %v ~~ %v", resp.AccessKey, resp.SecretKey, resp.SessionToken)

STS Authentication - Currently only used for IAM role CRUD

client, err := alks.NewSTSClient("http://my.alks.url/rest", "accessKey", "secretKey", "sessionToken", "account")

// create new role
resp, err := client.CreateIamRole("myRole", "Amazon EC2", false)

log.Printf("Role ARN: %v ~~ Role IP ARN: %v", resp.roleArn, resp.roleIPArn)
client, err := alks.NewSTSClient("http://my.alks.url/rest", "accessKey", "secretKey", "sessionToken", "account")

// create new trust role
resp, err := client.CreateIamTrustRole("myRole", "Cross Account", "arn:aws:iam::123456789123:role/test-role")

log.Printf("Role ARN: %v ~~ Role IP ARN: %v", resp.roleArn, resp.roleIPArn)

Some API methods don't require an account and role to be provided.

client, err := alks.NewClient("http://my.alks.url/rest", "username", "password", "", "")

// list all available account/roles
resp, err := client.GetAccounts()

for _,acct := range resp.Accounts{
    log.Printf("Account %v Role %v IAM %v", acct.Account, acct.Role, acct.IamActive)

Unit Tests

You can run the test with Make

make test
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