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Division II Training 2018-19

Welcome to the repository for Compete McGill's Division II training sessions for the 2018-19 Academic Year!

This repository will contain slides from our Weekly Workshops, as well as our weekly Problem Sets & Solutions and some cool summary documents that recap each of our sessions! While we provide you with lots of resources and are here to facilitate your training as Competitive Programmers, the trick to getting good is really just putting in the time! Make sure to constantly be working on improving your skills, and don't hesitate to come to our Weekly Office Hours with any questions you may have!

About Division II Training

Division II Competition Prep Workshops take place on a bi-weekly basis and are open to all McGill students. Events highlighting the time and dates of our workshops can be found on our Facebook Page. Prep workshops cover required theory to tackle Competitive Programming problems in that week's topic. Problem sets, as well as Workshop Slides and Summary Documents are sent out on a weekly basis as part of our newsletter. Solutions to each week's problem set are shared on the newsletter for the week that follows, in order to give trainees sufficient time to try and tackle the problems themselves. McGill students can sign up to our newsletter here!

About Compete McGill

Compete McGill sets out to challenge students to improve their logical, programming and mathematical skills through Competitive Programming problems. Our goal is not just to train a team to represent us in the ACM-ICPC, but also to convey the pleasure of solving these problems to the McGill student base. Above all, we're here to make sure each of our members breaks their limits, and achieves something that they never thought was possible.

How can I sign up?

Just show up to our events that are shared on the Facebook page mentioned above. We highly recommend also signing up to our newsletter to keep up to date with resources (and to avoid having to constantly check this repository for updates). The requirements for signing up are as follows:

  • Be a McGill student that is interested and commited to improving their logical, programming and mathematical skills.
  • Have knowledge of at least one (preferably OOP) Programming Language
  • Have fundamental knowledge of, our willingless to put in extra time to learn, basic data structures and algorithms (*see COMP250 *).

If you want something a bit less mind-twisting, be sure to check out our Interview Prep workshops on our Facebook page above!


Competitions Subcommittee

This series is a mandate of the Competitions Subcommittee in particular - if you see these guys & gals around campus, be sure to say hi!

Team Member Role GitHub Profile
Imad Dodin VP Competitions - Subcommittee Lead
Muhammad Huzaifa Elahi Workshop Slides
Ahmed Elehwany Division II Newsletter
Hassan Haidar Revision Material
Nada Marawan Problem Sets

Executive Members

An additional thanks goes out to the Compete McGill Executive Team, who are responsible for the overall functioning of the club - these guys dedicate an extremely huge amount of time to making sure all of this is possible and are under lots of pressure to make the club an accessible and enjoyable environment for everyone!

Executive Member Role GitHub Profile
Andree Kaba President
Afreen Aliya VP Events
Imad Dodin VP Competitions
Zachary Feng VP Communications
Andrea Hyder VP Internal
Parth Khanna VP External
Kelvin Tagoe VP Finance

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