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Hummingbot is an open-source project that integrates cryptocurrency trading on both centralized exchanges and decentralized protocols. It allows users to run a client that executes customized, automated trading strategies for cryptocurrencies.

We created hummingbot to promote decentralized market-making: enabling members of the community to contribute to the liquidity and trading efficiency in cryptocurrency markets.

Connector status

GREEN GREEN - Connector is working properly and safe to use

YELLOW YELLOW - Connector is either new or has one or more issues

RED RED - Connector is broken and unusable

logo id name ver doc status
AscendEx ascend_ex AscendEx 1 API YELLOW
Beaxy beaxy Beaxy 2 API GREEN
Binance binance Binance 3 API GREEN
Binance US binance_us Binance US 3 API YELLOW
Binance Perpetual binance_perpetual Binance Futures 1 API YELLOW
Bittrex Global bittrex Bittrex Global 3 API YELLOW
Bitfinex bitfinex Bitfinex 2 API YELLOW
Blocktane blocktane Blocktane 2 API YELLOW
Coinbase Pro coinbase_pro Coinbase Pro * API YELLOW
CoinZoom coinzoom CoinZoom * API GREEN crypto_com 2 API GREEN
Digifinex digifinex Digifinex 3 API YELLOW
dYdX dydx dYdX 1 API GREEN
dYdX Perpetual dydx_perpetual dYdX Perpetual 3 API YELLOW
Himalaya Exchange himalaya Himalaya Exchange * API RED
HitBTC hitbtc HitBTC 2 API GREEN
Huobi Global huobi Huobi Global 1 API GREEN gate_io 2 API YELLOW
KuCoin kucoin KuCoin 1 API YELLOW
Kraken kraken Kraken 1 API GREEN
Liquid liquid Liquid 2 API YELLOW
Probit Global probit Probit Global 1 API YELLOW
Probit Korea probit_kr Probit Korea 1 API YELLOW

Supported decentralized exchanges

logo id name ver doc maintainer status
Bamboo Relay bamboo_relay Bamboo Relay 3 API [email protected] RED
Dolomite dolomite Dolomite 1 API [email protected] RED
Radar Relay radar_relay Radar Relay 2 API unavailable
Loopring loopring Loopring 3 API YELLOW

Supported protocol exchanges

logo id name ver doc status
Celo celo Celo * SDK YELLOW
Balancer balancer Balancer * SDK YELLOW
Perpetual Protocol perpetual_finance Perpetual Protocol * SDK YELLOW
Terra terra Terra * SDK GREEN
Uniswap uniswap Uniswap 2 SDK YELLOW
Uniswap v3 uniswap v3 Uniswap v3 2 SDK YELLOW

Getting Started

Learn more about Hummingbot

Install Hummingbot

Get support

Chat with other traders


We welcome contributions from the community:

About us

Hummingbot was created and is maintained by CoinAlpha, Inc. We are a global team of engineers and traders.


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