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The Cognitive3D SDK for Unity

Welcome! This SDK allows you to integrate your Unity games with Cognitive3D, which provides analytics and insights about your Unity project. In addition, Cognitive3D empowers you to take actions that will improve users' engagement with your experience.

This plugin requires Unity 5.6.3p2 or newer


Download the SDK

You can clone this git repo to stay up to date with fixes and changes. You can also download the Unity package directly from the Releases page : Releases

Import SDK

Follow the standard unity package import process. You can import a custom package from the Assets->Import Package->Custom Package... menu option.

Importing the Custom Package for the Cognitive3D SDK

Cognitive3D Scene Setup window

Once everything has imported correctly click cognitive3D->Scene Setup from the menu and follow the Scene Setup Wizard

cognitiveVR scene Popup

Cognitive3D Documentation

The documentation explains how to authenticate with the SDK, track your users' experience and how to export your scene to view on

Go to the Docs

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