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☕🚀 Java DDD Skeleton: Save the boilerplate in your new projects

⚡ Start your Java projects as fast as possible

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ℹ️ Introduction

This is a repository intended to serve as a starting point if you want to bootstrap a Java project with JUnit and Gradle.

Here you have the course on CodelyTV Pro where we explain step by step all this (Spanish)

🏁 How To Start

  1. Install Java 11: brew cask install corretto
  2. Set it as your default JVM: export JAVA_HOME='/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/amazon-corretto-11.jdk/Contents/Home'
  3. Clone this repository: git clone
  4. Bring up the Docker environment: make up.
  5. Execute some Gradle lifecycle tasks in order to check everything is OK:
    1. Create the project JAR: make build
    2. Run the tests and plugins verification tasks: make test
  6. Start developing!

☝️ How to update dependencies

  • Gradle (releases): ./gradlew wrapper --gradle-version=WANTED_VERSION --distribution-type=bin

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