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A Rust AMQP client library.

This project follows the AMQP 0.9.1 specifications, targeting especially RabbitMQ.

Feature switches

  • codegen: generate code instead of using pregenerated one
  • native-tls (default): enable amqps support through native-tls
  • openssl: enable amqps support through openssl (preferred over native-tls when set)
  • rustls: enable amqps support through rustls (preferred over openssl when set, uses rustls-native-certs by default)
  • rustls-native-certs: same as rustls, be ensure we'll still use rustls-native-certs even if the default for rustls changes
  • rustls-webpki-roots-certs: same as rustls but using webkit-roots instead of rustls-native-certs

Integration with async-io

Integration with async-io is provided by the async-lapin crate.

Integration with async-std

Integration with async-std is provided by the async-amqp crate.

Integration with bastion

Integration with bastion is provided by the bastion-amqp crate.

Integration with smol

Integration with smol is provided by the lapinou crate.

Integration with tokio

Integration with tokio is provided by the tokio-amqp crate.


use futures_lite::stream::StreamExt;
use lapin::{
    options::*, publisher_confirm::Confirmation, types::FieldTable, BasicProperties, Connection,
    ConnectionProperties, Result,
use tracing::info;

fn main() -> Result<()> {
    if std::env::var("RUST_LOG").is_err() {
        std::env::set_var("RUST_LOG", "info");


    let addr = std::env::var("AMQP_ADDR").unwrap_or_else(|_| "amqp://".into());

    async_global_executor::block_on(async {
        let conn = Connection::connect(


        let channel_a = conn.create_channel().await?;
        let channel_b = conn.create_channel().await?;

        let queue = channel_a

        info!(?queue, "Declared queue");

        let mut consumer = channel_b
        async_global_executor::spawn(async move {
            info!("will consume");
            while let Some(delivery) = {
                let delivery = delivery.expect("error in consumer");

        let payload = b"Hello world!";

        loop {
            let confirm = channel_a
            assert_eq!(confirm, Confirmation::NotRequested);

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