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Vue Component Development Kit

Inspired by Angular CDK 😍.

Everything in VCDK should be in it's own package and consumable as such.

Using this Repository

This repository is using Lerna. The current lerna configuration is not yet completly done – there are certain things (not all related to Lerna) that I would like to see improved. More about those known issues later. First things first:

After cloning this repository you should run:

$ yarn install

This will install all dependencies and automatically execute lerna bootstrap afterwards. lerna bootstrap will in turn initialize Lerna and all sub-projects.


The documentation is not a single thing. It consists of several things in order to accomodate the need of each use-case and target audience.

The user-facing documentation

The user-facing documentation is a standard VuePress installation. You run it by executing:

$ yarn docs

Everything that goes into Vue Component Development Kit should be relfected somewhere in the user-facing documentation. The user-facing documentation is what developers will first go to in case of questions/need for information. Because of that it should contain everything in a single place:

  • Installation instructions
  • A Guide which explains concepts and background information
  • Live examples
  • Copy and pasteable code snippets
  • API reference

The API reference is realized by a custom VuePress plugin which is using vuese under the hood. It works like this:

  • You document your component by using comments. Refer to already existing components to get an idea how the components should look like.
  • You have to tell the API plugin where to find your documented component. To do this add an entry to docs/docs/.vuepress/config.js (to the APIPlugin-options-object). For each and every file the plugin will create a new page at /api/$component-name/index.html that contains the rendered API documentation. You can then link to that site from within your guide/main component documentation.

Building the user–facing Documentation

You can create a production build by executing:

$ cd docs # skip if you are already in the docs-dir
$ yarn build

If you want to change the base of the statically generated site simply set the VCDK_BASE environment variable to the base you want:

$ cd docs # skip if you are already in the docs-dir
$ ./../node_modules/.bin/cross-env VCDK_BASE=/ yarn build

This also works when building the whole documentation (see below).

Running the Storybook

The storybook is mainly used during the development of Vue Component Development Kit. You can run it by executing:

$ yarn storybook

The storybook is not the main documentation. It is intended to be used by people who are contributing to Vue Component Development Kit.

Building the whole Documentation

You can create a production build of the whole documentation by executing

$ yarn docs:build

from the root of the project. This will create a static production–ready build of both, the user facing documentation (/docs) and the Storybook (/storybook).

Making a Release

$ ./node_modules/.bin/lerna publish patch

Known Issues

There are a lot of known issues:

  • The documentation will throw errors from time to time (in dev-mode). This seems to be a VuePress-problem we can't do anything about. I am thinking about moving away from VuePress since it is really annoying.
  • The unit test-setup is not finished yet. I have executed tests already but there is no uniform way to write/execute tests.
  • The end-to-end-test-setup is also not finished yet. Again: I have executed end-to-end-tests but there is no uniform/consistent way of executing end-to-end-tests.
  • No consistent linter setup
  • Dependencies are a mess: When is something only a peerDependency and when is something a real dependency?
  • base is hardcoded.
  • No CI setup
  • No automated release
  • Currently Lerna would simply publish the source code of every package without building it first. This will work for every consumer that is using Webpack but thats about it.

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