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boilerplate for nightwatch.js with selenium

Original Framework is from and also from

I created a Boilerplate for nightwatch to use with and also without nightwatch-cucumber.

Install Nightwatch Boilerplate

First you need to install Node.js ( and Java.


$ git clone
$ cd nightwatch-boilerplate
$ npm install

Run Tests

In this boilerplate you find one test which does a simple GUI Test in Google. The configuration is set up (nightwatch.conf.js) that the selenium server is started with the test and you do not have to start the server manuelly. The test is saved under tests/src/ and also as a cucumber version under features/group .

to start plain Nightwatch test (tests/src/)

$ cd nightwatch-boilerplate
$ npm start

to start cucumber Nightwatch test (features/group)

$ cd nightwatch-boilerplate
$ npm start:cucumber

Console Output


for cucumber

under features\reports will be a HTML Report created after each cucumber test run.

HTML Report


There are two config files in this project. One in the main folder (nightwatch.conf.js) for all the general configurations and one under tests/nightwatch.conf.js for the specific configuration for the plain nightwatch tests.

to set up the default starting browser

open nightwatch.conf.js in the main folder

under test_settings --> default --> desiredCapabilities --> browserName you can change the value to chrome or firefox to change the browser

to set up that the selenium server starts with tests

open nightwatch.conf.js in the main folder

under selenium --> start_process set the value of TRUE to set up that the selenium server starts with the test

Use Docker

In the docker-compose.yml are one Selenium Hub (2.53.1) and two nodes (chrome and firefox) configured. The Images are from

To start/build the Docker containers run this:

$ docker-compose up -d

After that the containers for the Grid and Nodes are build and ready to use.

usage under Windows 7

If you use Windows 7 you may have to change the value for server_path for the selenium server because Windows7 uses docker-machine and that's why the selenium server container is not reachable via the service name 'seleniumhub'. You find this setting in the nightwatch.cong.js:

selenium : {
        server_path : dockerSeleniumHub

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