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Node.js package for the Xiaomi Mi Flora Plant Sensor built on top of noble (maintained by abandonware).

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Have a look in the Wiki for more information on the sensor.


Please see the Prerequisites section for noble.


npm install miflora


The library uses async/await code syntax instead of Promises chaining in order to execute asynchronous code sequentially. Since all internal code is based on Promises you still can use the method().then().catch()-pattern regardless.

All examples use async/await syntax.

Discover devices

const devices = await;
console.log('devices discovered: ', devices.length);

In this example we listen for 10000 (default value) milliseconds (10 seconds) and print out the number of detected devices.

Discover devices (advanced)

const opts = {
  duration: 60000,
  ignoreUnknown: true,
  addresses: ['c4:7c:8d:65:d6:1d', 'c4:7c:8d:65:d5:26', 'c4:7c:8d:65:e6:20']
const devices = await;
console.log('devices discovered: ', devices.length);

This time we listen for 60000 milliseconds (60 seconds) or until all devices from given opts.addresses have been discovered and print out the number of detected devices. If opt.ignoreUnknown is true, devices which are not in opt.addresses will be ignored in result.

Query device information

All query methods implicitly initiate a connection if none exists. You can call device.connect() explicitly if you like nevertheless.

The library however doesn't perform a disconnect implicitly. You can call device.disconnect() when you have finished you queries or let you disconnect automatically from the device after 10 seconds.

Firmaware & Battery

const data = await device.queryFirmwareInfo();

Example output:

{ address: 'c4:7c:8d:65:e6:20',
  type: 'MiFloraMonitor',
  firmwareInfo: { battery: 100, firmware: '3.1.9' } }

Sensor values

const data = await device.querySensorValues();

Example output:

{ address: 'c4:7c:8d:65:e6:20',
  type: 'MiFloraMonitor',
  sensorValues: { temperature: 21.1, lux: 104, moisture: 36, fertility: 1049 } }

Serial Number

const data = await device.querySerial();

Combined query

const data = await device.query();


The library uses Debug with the logger names miflora and miflora:device. You can start your script with prefixing DEBUG=miflora* to see all debug output.

DEBUG=miflora* node yourapp.js




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