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ChilliCream GraphQL Platform

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ChilliCream GraphQL Platform

The ChilliCream GraphQL Platform, at its core, is a new way to create powerful Backends. HotChocolate, our .NET GraphQL server, connects any service or data source and creates a cohesive service to offer your consumers a unified API.

ChilliCream GraphQL Platform

Product Overview

Hot Chocolate

Our GraphQL server to create GraphQL endpoints and merge schemas.


Strawberry Shake

Our GraphQL client to fetch data from any GraphQL endpoint.


Green Donut

Our DataLoader to solve the N+1 problem.


Banana Cake Pop

Our GraphQL IDE to explore, request and analyze any GraphQL endpoint.

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Marshmellow Pie

Our schema registry for any GraphQL client and server.


If you are interested in upcoming releases, check out our Roadmap.

Official Examples

Examples of things built on top of the ChilliCream GraphQL Platform that are open source and can be explored by others.

From our community

Check out what members of our awesome community have made!

Financial Contributors

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