The CBE Clima Tool is a web-based application built to support the need of architects and engineers interested in climate-adapted design. It allows users to analyze the climate data of more than 27,500 locations worldwide using the data contained in EPW files.
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Clima Tool

The tool displays data contained in EPW files. You can access the tool via this link. Alternatively you can access the Beta version using this link.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.


Python 3 installed on your machine and pipenv.

  • If you do not have Python installed on your machine you can follow this guide
  • You can install pipenv using the following command pip install pipenv.


This guide is for Mac OSX, Linux or Windows.

  1. Get the source code from the GitHub repository

    $ git clone
    $ cd clima
  2. Create a virtual environment using pipenv and install dependencies:

pipenv install --three
  1. Run tool locally

Now you should be ready to run the tool locally.

pipenv run python

Visit http://localhost:8080 in your browser to check it out. Note that whenever you want to run the tool, you have to activate the virtualenv first.

Adding new dependencies

Pipfiles contain information about the dependencies of your project, and supersede the requirements.txt file that is typically used in Python projects.

To install a Python package for your project use the install keyword. For example,

pipenv install beautifulsoup4

The package name, together with its version and a list of its own dependencies, can be frozen by updating the Pipfile.lock. This is done using the lock keyword,

pipenv lock

Managing your development environment

There are usually some Python packages that are only required in your development environment and not in your production environment, such as unit testing packages. Pipenv will let you keep the two environments separate using the --dev flag. For example,

pipenv install --dev nose2

Generate and update the requirement.txt file

You can update the requirement.txt file with the following command.

pipenv run pip freeze > requirements.txt


When you release a new version of the tool you should first use bumpversion to update the version of the tool. You can use the following command:

bumpversion patch  # alternatively you can use minor or major instead of patch

If the above command do not work even if you have committed all the files try with bumpversion patch --allow-dirty

Secondly you should describe the changes in

Deploy to Google Cloud Run

You need to have gcloud installed on your computer. Short guide on how to deploy on Google Cloud Run can be found here

gcloud builds submit --tag  --project=clima-316917

gcloud run deploy clima --image --platform managed  --project=clima-316917 --allow-unauthenticated --region=us-central1

Test project

gcloud builds submit --tag  --project=testbed-310521

gcloud run deploy clima --image --platform managed  --project=testbed-310521 --allow-unauthenticated --region=us-central1

Built with

  • Dash - Framework for building the web app
  • Plotly Python - Used to create the interactive plots
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