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Curbside Concerts

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This repository contains the source code for Curbside Concerts / Send a Concert, a charity project that Test Double is working on with Can't Stop Columbus.

About this App


  • Elixir / Phoenix / Phoenix LiveView
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • Postgres database

The codebase is structured as a Phoenix Umbrella project into two "apps":

  • curbside_concerts - An Ecto application containing the data contexts; this is responsible for interfacing with the database.
  • curbside_concerts_web - A Phoenix application containing the front-end routes, controllers, views, and templates.


  1. Elixir

We recommend using asdf or exenv, to manage your Elixir versions and automatically use the local version defined in the local *-version files. Alternatively, follow the instructions in the Elixir Install Page.

Note: It's important to have the correct Elixir version when developing locally, to help avoid build failures in Travis due to a mismatch in available methods, etc.

  1. Erlang

Erlang can be installed through homebrew:

brew install erlang
  1. Phoenix

  2. [Optional]docker and docker-compose, for running Postgres (recommended). Alternatively, you can install and run Postgres locally.

Getting Started

First time setup:

# start up the database, if using docker
docker-compose up -d

# install dependencies and initialize the database

To run the app locally:

# start the postgres database
docker-compose up -d

# start the elixir application
mix phx.server

Running Tests

To run unit tests:

mix test

# or, use TDD

See the e2e directory README for instruction on running the end-to-end tests using Cypress.


Some routes require authentication. On local, this means you'll need to create a user account in the database.

iex -S mix
> CurbsideConcerts.Accounts.create_user(%{username: "admin", password: "password"})

Then, you can log in with the credentials you created.

Using Latest Prod Data to Seed Development Environment

It's possible to develop against a production-like environment locally by copying the database contents from Heroku into your development instance of Postgres.

See the heroku documentation for more information on importing/exporting Postgres databases.

# Run the local database
docker-compose up -d

# Ensure that production has the latest migrations (it should already)
heroku run "POOL_SIZE=2 mix ecto.migrate" -a <heroku_app_name>

# Generate a backup of the heroku production data
heroku pg:backups:capture -a sendaconcert

# Download the dump file locally, defaults the file name to latest.dump
heroku pg:backups:download -a sendaconcert

# Replace your local db with the downloaded dump.
pg_restore --verbose --clean --no-acl --no-owner -h localhost -U postgres -d curbside_concerts_dev latest.dump


At the moment, this repository is connected directly to the Heroku Project. Pushing to master will automatically kick off a build and deploy.

If your change also requires a database migration, be sure to run that after the build completes:

heroku run "POOL_SIZE=2 mix ecto.migrate" -a <heroku_app_name>

To run Elixir code on the deployed instance, you can also access iex:

heroku run "POOL_SIZE=2 iex -S mix" -a <heroku_app_name>

Note: The POOL_SIZE argument here assumes you folowed the Phoenix / Heroku docs linked below, which sets a specific pool size for the app itself.

Deployment Configuration

These are the steps needed to configure this application for a new Heroku project.

  1. Heroku Buildpack for Elixir: heroku buildpacks:add hashnuke/elixir -a <heroku_app_name>
  2. Phoenix Static Buildpack: heroku buildpacks:add -a <heroku_app_name
  3. Follow the instructions on the Phoenix Docs to set up the app with Postgres on Heroku.

Note: If you get zipfile errors when building in Heroku, try setting a different Elixir / Erlang version in elixir_buildpack.config. At the time of this writing, we were unable to get Elixir 1.10.* to deploy successfully.

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