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Project Overview

This filter list was created 2015 and is under MIT license by CHEF-KOCH, it contains all the advertising domains which are hard-coded within Spotify (free account).

The project is unofficial and not in any relationship with Spotify AB. Spotify (C) is a trademark of Spotify AB. An unofficial FAQ can be found here, read it - it's worth it!.

# Project is closed and merged within CK's-FilterList (mirror)!

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Table of Contents

How to Debug problems?

Spotify comes with a hidden debug console. You can start Spotify via spotify --show-console command line parameter in order to start/reveal the console window.

Spotify (app) privacy

You can easily import the "blocker" (filters) list into any Ad-blocker or download the pre-made Ad-Free versions. A HOSTS file is not a "crack" and not something you get banned for while using it.

An additional advice is to set the following parameters within the Spotify app:

  • Edit - Preferences (CTRL + P) - Privacy Block all cookies... (enable it)
  • Edit - Preferences (CTRL + P) - Advertisement - Change advertising preferences (disable everything here on the Spotify website)
  • Manually delete the Spotify cache folder and mark it as _read-only_so that Spotify won't get access tp it, which prevents to store meta-data and ads in it.

This helps to get rid of cookie leftover(s) tracker(s) and reduces the chance to see banner ads (it does not remove them!).

Release & RePack information

I do not officially maintain this project which means every work I still do is for the community only and entirely for free. I spent a lot of time debugging and inspecting Spotify's traffic.

No one is forced to download something from the release tab nor do I support something illegal here. Repacking the installer is not illegal, however modifying the files itself is because it's against ToS (which I respect) but including several additional patches and a HOSTS file seems pretty much okay because Spotify does include already anti-blocking debugging techniques to prevent all of this. Abusing "holes" is illegal.

In this repo I provide:

  • Ad-Free mods for Desktops and the Android OS. MacOS is official not supported because I don't use any Apple products.
  • Filter lists in order to block ads (via hosts).

Spotify Recorder

Spotify Backup Projects

Spotify Windows Ad-Blocker Projects

  • BlockTheSpot - Spotify injection (for the Windows Desktop version only) which blocks video, audio & banner

Spotify Browser Extensions




Ad-Block Browser extension (for Spotify Web)

Spotify Review of the year

Spotify Downloader (CLI)

  • Chimera - Multi music downloader for deezer, tidal, qobuz, soundcloud, napster, gpm, dtq & Spotify.
  • Spicetify-cli - Commandline tool to customize Spotify client.
  • Spotify Downloader Utility - Download playlist and songs from Spotify URL.
  • Spotify Downloader - Download Spotify playlists with album art and meta-tags.
  • XSpotify - A modified Spotify client with DRM bypass (160 kb/s, 32-bit, 44100 Hz, .ogg format)

Criticism of Spotify

Analyze Spotify GDPR data streams

Spotify Service Alternatives

Spotify Equalizer

  • Spotify seems to work on an integrated Equalizer (for the Web Player) | Source

Spotify Video

  • Spotify prepares video integration | Source


Reversing Spotify Client

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