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Write components once, run everywhere. Compiles to Vue, React, Solid, Angular, Svelte, and Liquid.

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At a glance

JSX Lite is inspired by many modern frameworks. You'll see components look like React components and use React-like hooks, but have simple mutable state like Vue, use a static form of JSX like Solid, compile away like Svelte, and uses a simple, prescriptive structure like Angular.

This is what a basic JSX Lite component that manages some state looks like:

import { useState, Show, For } from '@jsx-lite/core';

export default function MyComponent(props) {
  const state = useState({
    newItemName: 'New item',
    list: ['hello', 'world'],
    addItem() {
      state.list = [...state.list, state.newItemName];

  return (
      <Show when={props.showInput}>
          onChange={(event) => (state.newItemName =}
      <div css={{ padding: '10px' }}>
        <button onClick={() => state.addItem()}>Add list item</button>
          <For each={state.list}>{(item) => <div>{item}</div>}</For>

Learn more in the docs


Try JSX Lite out locally with our CLI

npm install -g @jsx-lite/cli

jsx-lite compile --to=vue my-file.lite.jsx


Component libraries

Managing support for libraries that provide UI components across frameworks is a pain, especially when webcomponents are not an option (e.g. for server side rendering, best performance, etc). With JSX Lite you can write once, and run everywhere while maintaining full compatibilty with the target framework.

Modern workflows for all platforms

JSX Lite allows you to incrementally adopt modern and familiar workflows for many different platforms. For instance, when working with Shopify, you can server side render to liquid and hydrate with React.

JS framework fatigue

If you have ever had to migrate a huge codebase from one framework to another, it's an absolute nightmare. Writing components at a higher level of abstraction allows you to move from one to another with ease.

Design to code

With JSX Lite, you can convert designs from Figma or Sketch and convert them to clean code for the framework of your choice. You can even use to visually drag/drop to build UIs and edit the code side by side.

How does it work

JSX Lite uses a static subset of JSX, inspired by Solid. This means we can parse it to a simple JSON structure, then easily build serializers that target various frameworks and implementations.

export function MyComponent() {
  const state = useState({
    name: 'Steve',

  return (
        onChange={(e) => ( =}


  "@type": "@jsx-lite/component",
  "state": {
    "name": "Steve"
  "nodes": [
      "@type": "@jsx-lite/node",
      "name": "div",
      "children": [
          "@type": "@jsx-lite/node",
          "bindings": {
            "value": "",
            "onChange": " ="

Which can be reserialized into many languges and framworks. For example, to support angular, we just make a serializer that loops over the json and produces:

  template: `
      <input [value]="name" (change)="name = $" />
class MyComponent {
  name = 'Steve';

Adding framework support is surprisingly easy with the plugin system (docs coming soon).

No-code tooling

JSX Lite's static JSON format also enables no-code tooling for visual code editing and importing. You can see this with or Figma.

Formatting options

JSX Lite supports settings for generating code to match your preferred formatting, libraries, etc. These output options will be customizable and extensible with plugins soon.

Who uses it


Framework Status
React Alpha
Vue Alpha
Liquid Alpha Alpha
Solid Alpha
Figma Alpha
Angular Alpha
Svelte Alpha
Webcomponents Alpha
React Native Alpha
SwiftUI Experimental

Coming soon

  • Stable (v1) release
  • Plugin API docs for custom syntaxes and extensions
  • VS code plugin

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