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FYS4220 Sanntids og embedded datasystemer 2019 lab1

This lab was done using a DE1-SoC board to test programs made in Quartus.

Figure 1: Figure 1: DE1-SoC board

Part I

My first VHDL/FPGA project:

This project was simply to connect 10 LEDs to 10 switches. The LEDs should turn on/off when the corresponding switch is turned on/off.

Part II

A 7-segment display: This program displays numbers from 0 to 9 on a 7-segment display using 4 switches. The input, from the switches, is binary code so 0000 = 0, 0001 = 1. 0010 = 2 and so on.

Figure 2: 7-segment display

Part III

Increment a 7-segment display by using a 4-bit counter and a push button: In this program uses a push button to increment a counter which updates a 7-segment display. The program was simulated using a testbench and then tested on the DE1-SoC board. While testing the algorithm on the DE1-SoC board I encountered a problem. The counting went so fast that a single keystroke led to many incrementations.

Figure 3: simulation result

Part IV

Synchronization and edge detection: In this program I added a synchronous edge detector to the program made in part III. This allows the counter to only increment with one for each keystroke.

Figure 4: Syncronisation and edge detection
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