Math Library: vectors, quaternions, square Matrix, GLSL / HLSL alias types names, template or fixed types configurable

vgMath  v3.0

vgMath is a header only, compact, optimized, class math library, it contains classes to manipulate vectors (with 2/3/4 components), quaternions, square matricies (3x3 and 4x4). It contains also 4 helper functions to define Model/View/Proj matrix: perspective, frustum, lookAt, ortho, both LeftHanded and RightHanded

Consist only of the file vgMath.h, plus a external vgConfig.h used to permit to configure it, indeed a particularity of vgMath is that it's configurable: it can switch from fixed type (float) for small projects or limited resources, to template classes with all types (float / double / int / uint) simply via #define It uses GLSL (alias) name convention, but if is preferred, is possible to add also HLSL names type. (always via #define)

Other peculiarity is that it's a "subset" of glm mathematics library, with compatible names definition, so if in a future you want pass to it, you don't need to change anything in the source code. (HLSL types names are not compatible with glm)

vgMath is base of other my projects and tools:

  • virtualGizmo3D - Virtual GIZMO 3D object manipulator / orientator, via mouse, with pan and dolly/zoom features
  • imGuIZMO.quat - graphic ImGui GIZMO widget a 3D object manipulator / orientator
  • glChAoS.P 3D strange attractors GPU scout and hypercomplex fractals - over 200 Million particles in real time

*examine they to take cues: there are several example and also WebGL live demo

Configure vgMath

The file vgConfig.h allows to user to configure internal math functionality. In particular is possible select between:

  • static float classes (Default) / template classes
  • internal vgMath tool (Default) / glm mathematics library (it only affects virtualGizmo3D / imGuIZMO.quat on which library to use internally: vgMath or glm )
  • Right (Default) / Left handed coordinate system (lookAt, perspective, ortho, frustum - functions)
  • Add additional HLSL types name convention
  • enable (Default) / disable the automatic entry of using namespace vgm; at end of vgMath.h

You can do this simply by commenting / uncommenting a line in vgConfig.h or adding related "define" to your project, as you can see below:

// uncomment to use TEMPLATE internal vgMath classes/types
// This is if you need to extend the use of different math types in your code
//      or for your purposes, there are predefined alias:
//          float  ==>  vec2 / vec3 / vec4 / quat / mat3|mat3x3 / mat4|mat4x4
//      and more TEMPLATE (only!) alias:
//          double ==> dvec2 / dvec3 / dvec4 / dquat / dmat3|dmat3x3 / dmat4|dmat4x4
//          int    ==> ivec2 / ivec3 / ivec4
//          uint   ==> uvec2 / uvec3 / uvec4
// If you select TEMPLATE classes the widget too will use internally them 
//      with single precision (float)
// Default ==> NO template
// uncomment to use "glm" (0.9.9 or higher) library instead of vgMath
//      Need to have "glm" installed and in your INCLUDE research compiler path
// vgMath is a subset of "glm" and is compatible with glm types and calls
//      change only namespace from "vgm" to "glm". It's automatically set by
//      including vGizmo.h or vgMath.h or imGuIZMOquat.h
// note: affects only virtualGizmo3D / imGuIZMO.quat on which library to use
//      internally: vgMath | glm
// Default ==> use vgMath
//      If you enable GLM use, automatically is enabled also VGM_USES_TEMPLATE
//          if you can, I recommend to use GLM
// uncomment to use LeftHanded 
// This is used only in: lookAt / perspective / ortho / frustrum - functions
//      DX is LeftHanded, OpenGL is RightHanded
// Default ==> RightHanded

From v.2.1

// uncomment to avoid vgMath.h add folow line code:
//      using namespace vgm | glm; // if (!VGIZMO_USES_GLM | VGIZMO_USES_GLM)
// Automatically "using namespace" is added to the end vgMath.h:
//      it help to maintain compatibilty between vgMath & glm declaration types,
//      but can go in confict with other pre-exist data types in your project
// note: this is only if you use vgMath.h in your project, for your data types:
//       it have no effect for vGizmo | imGuIZMO internal use
// Default ==> vgMath.h add: using namespace vgm | glm;
// uncomment to use HLSL name types (in addition!) 
// It add also the HLSL notation in addition to existing one:
//      alias types:
//          float  ==>  float2 / float3 / float4 / quat / float3x3 / float4x4
//      and more TEMPLATE (only!) alias:
//          double ==> double2 / double3 / double4 / dquat / double3x3 / double4x4
//          int    ==> int2 / int3 / int4
//          uint   ==> uint2 / uint3 / uint4
// Default ==> NO HLSL alia types defined
  • If your project grows you can upgrade/pass to glm, in any moment
  • My glChAoS.P project can switch from internal vgMath (VGIZMO_USES_TEMPLATE) to glm (VGIZMO_USES_GLM), and vice versa, only changing defines: you can examine it as example
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