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Sequencer using Sonic Pi and Processing.

And will only work with Processing 3.5.4 or below


This is a small Sequencer written with Processing and communicating to SonicPi using OSC. You can play a base, a hi hat, a snare, a percussion and a melody. On every instrument you can change the amplitude, release, attack and rate of the sound. The Melody can also be sliced with all 4 waveforms.


Start SonicPi and open up the file "sequencer.rb" and run it. Then open up and run "sequencer_ui.pde" with Processing 3.5.4. It's important you installed the dependencies first. If both are opened correctly in order, you should be able to use the sequencer.

If, for any reason, an error appears in SonicPi. Just stop the SonicPi script and start it again.

While using the Sequencer you can play kick, hi hat, snare, percussion and a melody. With the yellow button above every instrument, you can mute it. With the pink you can get a random pattern and with the red you can clear the pattern. With the knobs on the right side you can change the amplitude, release, attack and rate of every instrument. The random melody button will give you random values from a random scale. Also, you can switch up the synth used to play the melody and apply a slicer over the melody.


  • oscP5
  • controlP5


Example Gif

screenshot from the Programm

Click LINK for Example Video


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