Marching Cubes Terrain Generator

A procedural terrain generator using the marching cubes algorithm and 3D noise algorithms.
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A simple Minecraft clone written in C using modern OpenGL (shaders).
16 years ago1December 21, 20159mitJavaScript
Realistic water shader for Three.js
5 months ago1mitC#
A replacement for Unity's terrain grass shader with alpha blended rendering and touch bending effect
3 years ago5apache-2.0ShaderLab
Collection of shaders and visual effects created for Unity 3D.
a year ago
Collection of nice stuff for Godot
Terrain Builder309
a year ago6gpl-2.0JavaScript
🏔 Procedural terrain using Three.js and perlin noise, Now Accelerated by your GPU!
2 years agogpl-3.0
A list of resources and tutorials for those doing programming in Unity.
9 months ago7otherC#
A Tessellation and Triplanar terrain shader for planetary terrain
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2 years agomit
Shaders for MagicaVoxel including Terrain Generator, Game Of Life, Waterflow Emulator, Advanced Flood System etc.
Osbes Minecraft Bedrock Edition Shader117
a year ago22gpl-3.0GLSL
shaders for minecraft_pe that uses the latest functionality of OpenGLES 3.0
Alternatives To Marching Cubes Terrain Generator
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Marching Cubes Terrain Generator

An example terrain generated using this method

Video demonstration

This repository contains code for a fully parallelised implementation of the marching cubes algorithm for usage in terrain generation, written in HLSL and using DirectX 11. All of the CPU-side DirectX code has been included in addition to the shader code.

The marching cubes implementation can be found in shaders/marching_cubes_gs.hlsl.

Implementations of the various noise algorithms can be found in the noise_fx.hlsl and gradient_noise_cs.hlsl shaders. The gradient noise shader also contains all of the volumetric data generation code.


This application was built using a lecturer-provided framework that is not publically available. However, all of the CPU-side compute shader code has been provided as that was not part of the initial framework, and the code provided should hopefully be easy enough to follow through without direct access to the framework's class implementations.

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