🍇 Power user Unix distribution for Blackberry 10

Berrymuch OS

Berrymuch is a user friendly Unix software distribution and a compilation toolchain for the BlackBerry 10 devices.

If you are into vim, git, taskwarrior or sc and wish you could run them on BB10 you've come to the right place.

The project is standing on the shoulders of giants including playbook-dev-tools and the effort of multiple awesome CrackBerry forum members.


  • To provide an easy way to install a variety of useful Unix command line apps and tools
  • To simplify porting and compilation (cross- or native-) of POSIX software to BlackBerry 10 QNX
  • To engage more Unix and BB10 lovers and tinkerers and have fun

Current status

  • GCC 4.6.3 and a variety of libraries are available
  • Some useful everyday apps (see ports) have been cross-compiled and packaged



  • Package management with dependencies
  • More exciting ports (see the current Wishlist)



  • Go to Releases and grab the latest and

  • Put both into the documents/ directory on your device

  • Install a terminal app (we recommend term48) and run:

    cd /accounts/1000/shared/misc/clitools
  • Restart your terminal app and enjoy Berrymuch!


We use Docker container to build the project. You can build the project by make build Or start the container and connect to it with make shell, then you will have everything configured for you inside the conatiner.

For details you can check Makefile


This software is provided with no warranty of any kind, may not do what you want, and may not work for you. By installing a compiler onto your device, you may be empowered to make a mess of it - use at your own risk.

We are by no means experts at this and are more than happy to learn and take pull requests if you feel you can make a difference.


You may do whatever you like with this code, provided any copyright notices are preserved.

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