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This is my setup for rich scholarly markdown.


Most of the templates and scripts are developed or inspired by others. I've only made minor changes to tailor the style to my own preferences.


  • Clone this repository.
  • Install the dependencies:
    • Texlive full package:sudo apt-get install texlive-full
  • If it does not exist create ~/.pandoc directory
  • Copy all the right files to all the right places
cp -r templates ~/.pandoc/.
cp -r csl ~/.pandoc/.
cp -r css ~/.pandoc/.
  • There are some additional tex dependencies (memoir-article-styles.sty,org-preamble-pdflatex.sty) you can either keep them in the same directory as the markdown input files. Or you can place them in the general tex folder (for me this is ~/.texmf/)
  • Pandoc-crossref package is used which combined fignos, eqnos, etc. into one package. Installing this package was a quite a hassle. Check your pandoc version pandoc -v and download the respective crossref release version. In the pandoc commands, point to the right location on your computer with the filter flag --filter yourPath/pandoc-crossref


  • Go to the example directory and run make to build the .docx .tex .pdf files from
  • Use make clean to clean the directory
  • This setup works perfectly with atom's markdown preview enhanced package.
    • Select 'use Pandoc Parser'
    • Set pandoc path (usually /usr/bin/pandoc)
    • Set the command line arguments: --template=/home/name/.pandoc/templates/html.template, --filter=/home/name/.pandoc/filters/pandoc-crossref, --filter=pandoc-citeproc, --bibliography=/path/libraryName.bib,--csl=/home/name/.pandoc/csl/apsa.csl
    • Set the pandoc options: markdown+simple_tables+table_captions+yaml_metadata_block
    • Warning hacky approach: If the spinning octocat in atom is driving you completely bonkers just find and eliminate the little bugger
      • For cautious people: find ~/.atom/packages -name "*octocat-spinner*" and remove all the files related to markdown-preview-enhanced
      • For badasses: find ~/.atom/packages -name "*octocat-spinner*" | xargs rm
      • For vscode `find ~/.vsc/extensions/ -name "octocat-spinner"


I've got most of the material from Kieran Healy's setup:


  • removed VC package
  • removed proprietary font minonPro from the tex templates
  • changes to css stylesheets
  • addition of pandoc-crossref package

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