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Dokanx is a Fork of Dokan 0.6.0

Because the original Dokan is no longer maintained, I have decided to fork it.
You can read about the original Dokan at .

What is Improved

  • A Visual Studio 2013 solution file is provided along with makefile and ddkbuild, so you can build more easily.
  • All Dokan library dll code has been recompiled in C++
  • Uses a precompiled header for the driver, making building much faster.
  • Usermode filesystem implementations return their result code as an NTSTATUS (not a win32 status), giving applications more control.
  • Uses a better logger.
  • The PREfast analyzer (static analyzing driver source code) has been applied.

To Build

  • Download and install the WDK 7.1.0
  • Set the Windows environment variables DOKANX_PATH and WIN7BASE before compiling the driver.
# Note. Do not enclose the WIN7BASE environment value in double quotes.  
# It seems ddkbuild can't handle this.
  • Choose build configuration debug_win7 or release_win7 regardless your actual target. The driver binary(.sys) will work on any target.

When your Build Succeeds, you will have...

  • dokanx.dll
  • dokanx.lib
  • mirrorfs.exe
  • dokanx_win7.sys
  • dokanx_mount.exe
  • dokanx_control.exe

WDK 8.x is not supported yet, but this doesn't mean Dokanx can't run on Windows 8 or later.

How to Mount Mirrorfs

Registering and Starting the DokanX Filesystem Driver

Before mounting a volume with the filesystem, you need to register and start the filesystem driver.
This can be done with CreateService and StartService functions. You could write your own code for registering/starting the driver if you want, maybe when your product is ready to deploy for end-users. At that time, this simple wrapper could be helpful to you.

But you don't need to deal with that just for testing; there is a simple tool for you. You can easily register and start the Dokanx driver with the osrloader app.

  • Move dokanx_win7.sys to %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\dokanx.sys.
  • Set this path in osrloader's Driver Path and write dokanx to Display Name
  • Click Register Service and Start Service.

Alternatively, you can use sc command:

# install driver service and name it 'dokanx' sc create dokanx type= kernel binPath= system32\drivers\dokanx_win7.sys # start dokanx service sc start dokanx

If there was no problem, you are ready to mount a volume.
Note that if you once do Stop Service then you can't restart service until you reboot. This may be dokanx.sys's problem. (It is very hard to write device driver stopping code in Windows. I haven't found what is the problem in dokanx.sys code yet.)

Mounting a Volume

> dokanx_control.exe /i s
> mirrorfs.exe /l m /r c:\your_actual_folder

You should see that the M:\ drive has been mounted in Windows Explorer.

How to Test Your Own Filesystem

  1. Use FileTest. This is the best tool to check a single filesystem operation.
  2. Use FileSystemTest. I made hundreds of test cases for filesystem operations. If you run this program on your file system volume and an NTFS volume, you can get input-output results for both file systems and you can find what is wrong with your file system by diffing these files.
  3. Use ProcessMonitor. If you are facing a new problem, ProcessMonitor is a great first tool to use.


How do I report an issue?

You can ask about the problem you met. But don't ask it to me personally. Please make it as a github issue.
If you are not sure about the problem which you report, please run Process Monitor and DebugView and capture the logs. And gist or attatch the logs when you make new issue.

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