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AtomGraph Web-Client is a Linked Data web client. If you have a triplestore with RDF data that you want to publish and/or build an end-user application on it, or would like to explore Linked Open Data, Web-Client provides the components you need.

Web-Client renders (X)HTML user interface by transforming "plain" RDF/XML (without nested resource descriptions) using XSLT 2.0 stylesheets.

AtomGraph Web-Client screenshot


What AWC provides for users as out-of-the-box generic features:

  • loading RDF data from remote Linked Data sources
  • multilingual, responsive user interface built with Twitter Bootstrap (currently 2.3.2)
  • multiple RDF rendering modes (currently item/list/table/map)
  • RDF editing mode based on RDF/POST encoding
  • SPARQL endpoint with interactive results

Getting started

For full documentation, see the wiki index.



Processor is available from Docker Hub as atomgraph/web-client image. It accepts the following environment variables (that become webapp context parameters):

Custom XSLT stylesheet
URI, optional
If true, the stylesheet will attempt to resolve (dereference) URI resources in the rendered RDF data to improve the UX
true/false, optional

Run Web-Client with the default XSLT stylesheet like this:

docker run -p 8080:8080 atomgraph/web-client

Web-Client will be available on http://localhost:8080.


Web-Client is released on Maven central as com.atomgraph:client.


Please report issues if you've encountered a bug or have a feature request.

Commercial AtomGraph consulting, development, and support are available from AtomGraph.


Please join the W3C Declarative Linked Data Apps Community Group to discuss and develop AtomGraph and declarative Linked Data architecture in general.

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