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This script is now part of mpv and, therefore, not updated in this repo as of Nov 2018. For an up to date version please visit:

You do not need to download it here unless you want a specific version, e.g. because you are using an old version of mpv (you shouldn't).
In such a case, start mpv with --load-stats-overlay=no in order to disable the internal version and place your desired script version at the locations mentioned below.

There's also some documentation available.


Display statistics for the currently played file in mpv.

Default (screenshot is outdated)


mpv 0.28.0 is not sufficient. You need a more recent version of mpv. For older mpv versions please go to Releases. The oldest supported version of mpv is 0.9.3.

By default Source Sans Pro is used as font. You can download it here.
If you want to use your own, please make sure your alternative choice supports as many font weights and monospaced digits, for an optimal visual experience.


Place stats.lua in your ~/.config/mpv/scripts/ or ~/.mpv/scripts/ folder to autoload the script.

The script is binding itself to i and I (however, not overriding your own bindings) and can therefore be invoked by pressing these keys. i will show the stats once while I will toggle them.

While the stats are visible on screen, you can use numeric keys (1, 2, 3, ...) to switch between "pages" of stats. So far, the following pages are defined:

  1. stats (as usual)
  2. frame timings

There will be more pages in the future. Also, expect some layout changes of current pages in the near future.

You can set different bindings either by customizing this script or by using the script_binding input command (in input.conf), e.g.:

e script-binding stats/display-stats
E script-binding stats/display-stats-toggle


How to get graphs?

Graphs are enabled by default. Due to their size, graphs for Frame Timings can only be shown on their dedicated page (2). For VSync Ratio and VSync Jitter they are only shown when stats are toggled (page 1) because they need to be recorded. Please note that only the opengl VO is exposing frame timing data.

Turn graphs off with plot_perfdata=no, plot_vsync_ratio=no and plot_vsync_jitter=no (see Customization).

The graph's position is jumping

Please use a font with monospaced digits. The default font does meet this requirement. Either download it (see Usage) or set your own with font_mono (see Customization).
Note that font does not need to be a monospaced font.


You can configure various settings by creating a file called stats.conf in a folder named lua-settings within your mpv config folder (where your mpv.conf is in). Please refer to the o table within the script for possible option names and consult mpv manual regarding configuration syntax.

To change e.g. the text display duration your stats.conf may look like:


A more sophisticated example:


Note: colors are given as hexadecimal values and use ASS tag order: BBGGRR (blue green red).

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