Alternatives To Designpatternsinunity
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Ticker4,1764712 years ago12November 11, 202115apache-2.0Java
An Android text view with scrolling text change animation
Hanzi Writer2,339554 months ago60October 02, 202196mitTypeScript
Chinese character stroke order animations and practice quizzes
Splitting1,4711356 months ago23October 15, 201841mitJavaScript
JavaScript microlibrary to split an element by words, characters, children and more, populated with CSS variables!
2 years ago16mitJavaScript
⬛️ Lightweight and modern terminal animations using async/await
Animation Instancing1,060
a year ago53otherC#
This technique is designed to instance Characters(SkinnedMeshRender).
Render Crowd Of Animated Characters1,017
3 months ago5mitC#
Animation Baker and Instancing for Animated Characters: Using GPU to implement large-amount animation characters rendering. The animation map for vertex shader to modify the vertex position of the mesh at runtime. Using GPU instancing to reduce draw calls.
2 months ago29Python
This codebase demonstrates how to synthesize realistic 3D character animations given an arbitrary speech signal and a static character mesh.
a year ago1December 17, 20218apache-2.0Kotlin
Android TextView with rolling animation
a month ago10mitC++
A modern C++ tweening library
Godot 3d Mannequin513
2 years ago10otherC#
An Open Source 3d character and character controller for the Godot game engine
Alternatives To Designpatternsinunity
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Design Patterns Examples


Unity 2019.2


This repository will hold several implementations of design patterns that I have used in the past or that I'd like to explore.

The implementation will try to be really simple to serve as educational for my university students.

Pattern List

  1. Finite State Machine:

    Character FSM Sample:

     The State Machine initialize on Idle State. 
     Use 'Space' bar to switch to Walk State, 'W' to switch to Run State and 'S' to return to Idle State.
  2. Finite State Machine With Animations:

    Character FSM:

     Based on Sample 1, it integrate Animation control trought FSM states.
     The State Machine initialize on Idle State. 
     Use 'A'  to switch to Color State, 'S' to switch to Scale State and 'D' to return to Idle State.
  3. Finite State Machine With Movement and Animations:

    Character FSM:

     Based on Sample 2, it integrate Class structure to handle movement with FSM states in a decoupled way.
     The State Machine initialize on Idle State. 
     Use 'WASD'  to switch to Move State in different directions, 'SpaceBar' to switch to Jump State.
  4. Adapter:

    Audio Adapter:

     It propose a base interface (AudioClipAdapter SO) that can integrate different audio engines/implementations 
     while it offers an API to the other systems of the game's architecture.
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