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Neptunium (or Nep for short) is a reimagining of Hanasu, a streaming radio player catered to Japanese and Korean music. Hanasu began as a proof of concept and a hobby project. Neptunium began as an attend to build Hanasu as a Windows 10 Universal application. Neptunium runs on Windows 10 PC, Windows 10 Mobile phones and Xbox One (via Windows 10).


  • Background Audio Playback: Neptunium supports the background audio playback functionality provided by the Universal Windows Platform. That means it runs seamlessly on the platforms listed above.
  • Handoff: Handoff allows you to begin playing a station on one device and get it started on another device. Nep will also stop the stream from the first device as well. This works via Cortana/Continued App Experiences (also known as Project "Rome"). This functionality is currently disabled in builds in the store because of a compiling bug.
  • Bluetooth Mode (formerly Car Mode for Windows 10 Mobile): For those who like listening while on the road or using a bluetooth speaker/headset. In Bluetooth Mode, Nep can announce song names for you and even do it using the system provided Japanese or Korean voice.

Radio Stations

I don't plan on supporting custom stations inside the application unfortunately. The part of the reason is because I wanted to limit the scope of metadata sources I need to support. The other (major) reason is because at the time, Nep couldn't read the bitrate, sample rate and channel count from streams. That means I had to hard code every stream in the application and manually test each and everyone one. Of course, with recent updates to UWPShoutcastMSS, this is no longer a limitation.

If you have a station that you want to be included, consider submitting a pull request here. Please keep in mind that the theme here is Japanese or Korean music.

About the name

Neptunium was intended to be a codename for the next version of Hanasu. Early commits referenced it as "Neptunium (Hanasu Alpha)". The name comes from the chemical element, Neptunium. It is also a backhanded reference to the main character of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. More specifically, the nickname "nep", comes from it.

Also, I wasn't a fan of the name Hanasu. Hanasu is the Japanese verb for "to speak" which didn't make very much sense for a music application. At the same time, the verb for "listening", "Kiku", didn't have the same ring to it. In the end, I decided to go along with Neptunium as a name.


More screenshots can be found here. img


You can find Neptunium in the Windows Store via the following link:{app_id} where "app_id" is "9nblggh1r9cq" without the quotes. The reason that I am not directly linking to it is because I have the store listing set as hidden and I don't want it to be indexed in search engines at this time.

Requires the Anniversary Update (Redstone 1).

For Developers

Here are some of the projects or libraries I've used when writing this:

  • Crystal: My personal application framework. Provides MVVM and other boilerplate functionality.
  • UWPShoutcastMSS: Used for streaming Shoutcast/IceCast stations. Fun-fact: UWPShoutcastMSS was forked from code in Nep and re-integrated as a public library.
  • Kimono: A small library that contains a few GUUI controls I'm using.
  • @dotMorten's WindowsStateTriggers: A library containing a variety of state triggers. Very useful for designing adaptive user interfaces.
  • @danesparza's iTunesSearch: This library is used for retreiving metadata from the iTunes store.
  • @avatar29A's MusicBrainz: This library is used for retreiving metadata from MusicBrainz.
  • @xyzzer's WinRTXamlToolkit: Contains many GUI controls used in Nep.
  • UWPCommunityToolkit

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