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ASCII Video Converter

Convert Video and Images to ASCII form! Achieve Real-Time Color ASCII Rendering using NumPy Vectorization.

See this algorithm work on a webcam stream:


positional arguments:
  filename      File name of the input image.
  output        File name of the output image.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help    show this help message and exit
  -chars CHARS  ASCII chars to use in media.
  -r            Reverse the character order.
  -f [F]        Font size.
  -b [B]        Boldness of characters. Recommended boldness is 1/10 of Font size.
  -bg [BG]      Background color. Must be either 255 for white or 0 for black.
  -m M          Color to use for Monochromatic characters in "R,G,B" format.
  -c            Clip characters to not go outside of image bounds.
  -font [FONT]  Font to use.
  -a            Add audio from the input file to the output file.
  -q            Quality of the output video. (0-10), 0 worst, 10 best.

Instead of a filename, a directory name can be used as the filename argument. All media in this directory will be converted to ASCII Form and be placed in a directory specified by the output argument. Note that this means if a directory is passed as the filename argument, the output argument must also be a directory and all media in filename must be either images and/or videos.


  • Python 3.7+
  • imageio
  • imageio-ffmpeg
  • numpy
  • PIL
  • tqdm
pip install numpy pillow tqdm imageio imageio-ffmpeg


Butterfly Butterfly ASCII Color Butterfly ASCII Monochrome Houses Houses ASCII Color Houses ASCII Monochrome


Donuts Donuts ASCII

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