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Bitcode Retriever

Retrieves Bitcode from Mach-O binaries


Bitcode stores as an xar archive inside of a Mach-O binary.

This tool extracts the archive and puts it near the binary, so it can be easily discovered using xar and llvm-dis


Clone the repo and run make, built binary lays inside of build directory

$ git clone [email protected]:AlexDenisov/bitcode_retriever.git
$ cd bitcode_retriever
$ make


Note: currently is does not work with static libraries, there is an opened issue #1, if you need this feature please a comment there, it will bump prioity of this project at my personal todo-list.

To use bitcode_retriever simple feed him your binary and it'll produce archive with bitcode.

It accepts both fat and non-fat binaries. For fat binaries it produces separate archive for each slice, e.g.:

$ bitcode_retriever fat_app

for non-fat binaries it produces just one archive with the bitcode:

$ bitcode_retriever non_fat_app

To skip the xar archive and obtain the bitcode immediately, pass the -e argument.

$ bitcode_retriever -e fat_app

The project provides a sample binaries, you can play a bit with them:

$ make subject
$ cd build
$ ./bitcode_retriever i386.o
# or
$ ./bitcode_retriever fat.o

The xar archive stores set of files with bitcode:

$ xar -xf i386.o
$ ls
i386.o 1 2

You can dump LLVM IR from each file (1, 2) using llvm-dis

$ llvm-dis 1
$ llvm-dis 2
$ ls
1 2 1.ll 2.ll

Bugs and issues

If you have any problems or found some bug - feel free to open an issue and/or send a pull request

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