Opinionated Android permission handling done right with Kotlin.
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Opinionated permission handling done right with Kotlin.

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Why use it

  • The whole flow has been sorted out.
  • Multiple permissions supported.
  • Nice DSL for better code.
  • Written in Kotlin

What is the handling flow

  1. Show an explanation to the user why we need those permissions.
  2. If the user press ok, then we will request for the permissions.
  3. After getting the request result, we will handling 3 cases:
    • When everything is fine
    • When permissions not accepted
    • When user checks the Never Ask again option, we will route the user to the application settings to enable the permission there.

No shouldShowRationale? Yes, this is such a confusing method depends on its name. In our flow, user always gets the explanation first, which should be a design which you always follow. But underneath, we use it to check the NeverAskAgain option.

How to use it

  1. Install (Not yet published)
implementation 'xyz.albertgao:permissionk:1.0.0'
  1. Trigger the explanation step to invoking this function inside your activity, properly a onClickHandler
startToRequestPermission {
    permissions = listOf(SEND_SMS, READ_PHONE_STATE)
    requestCode = [email protected]

    ifSuccess {
        // Your handling logic

        message = "Hi, We need these permissions because we want to make the user experiences better, please grant them!"
  1. Inside the onRequestPermissionResult method, by using the following DSL:
override fun onRequestPermissionsResult(
    theRequestCode: Int,
    thePermissions: Array<String>,
    theGrantResults: IntArray
) {
    onRequestPermissionResultHandler {
        actualRequestCode = theRequestCode
        expectRequestCode = [email protected]
        permissions = thePermissions
        grantResultsParam = theGrantResults

        onSuccess {
            // Do what you want

        onFailure {
            // You don't get the permission, do something

        onNeverAskAgain {
            message = "We noticed you have disabled some permissions . We will take you to the Application settings, you can re-enable the permission there."
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