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Akkatecture Documentation

To serve the documentation locally do the following:

npm install 


yarn install

and then

gatsby develop

this will run a hot-reloadable version of the documentation website. It is best to run this using Node v8, so if youre using nvm do a

nvm use 8.*

node 8.16.0

Contributor Notes

The markdown files in /content/docs folder contains all the documentation for the akkatecture documentation pages.

alternatively you can directly edit the markdown in github and submit a pull request if you see any spelling or grammatical errors.


Using Node v8 is the safest choice

Make sure that you have two remotes set up for your deployment look like this.

origin    [email protected]:Akkatecture/ (fetch)
origin    [email protected]:Akkatecture/ (push)
source    [email protected]:Akkatecture/Documentation.git (fetch)
source    [email protected]:Akkatecture/Documentation.git (push)

Take note that all source changes happen on the source remote and all of the bundled builds go onto the repository. The deployment script (npm run deploy) will push the static content into the

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