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ADAMANT 2FA Demo Application


ADAMANT 2FA is a service to deliver one-time passwords (OTP) to ADAMANT Messenger account.

It's cheaper, more secure and reliable than SMS. ADAMANT 2FA advantages.

Live demo is available at For details read Presenting ADAMANT 2FA.



Clone repository and install dependencies:

git clone
cd adamant-2fa && npm i
cd client && yarn install
cd ../

Create db-user and 2fa database:

sudo -u postgres psql
postgres=# CREATE USER "adamant-2fa" WITH PASSWORD 'password';
postgres=# CREATE DATABASE "adamant-2fa" WITH OWNER "adamant-2fa";

Set up md5 auth method. Get hba_file path:

postgres=# SHOW hba_file;
(1 row)

Update hba_file and restart postgresql:

sudo nano /usr/local/var/postgres/pg_hba.conf
  local   adamant-2fa  adamant-2fa        md5
sudo service postgresql restart

Create tables for Loopback models:

cd server && node create-lb-tables.js
cd ../

Set up ADAMANT passPhrase to send 2fa codes from:

cp config.default.json config.json
nano config.json

The 2FA app uses config.json file. Enter your ADM passphrase into passPhrase field. Make sure this account has ADM to send messages with 2fa codes. How to create ADM account and get free tokens.

Note: 2FA demo uses adamant-console to send 2fa codes. If you have this tool installed separately, make sure it's default config doesn't exist, or set to mainnet and correct passPhrase.

Note: If the app doesn't send 2FA codes, debug console shows {"success":false,"errorMessage":"Wrong 'passPhrase' parameter"}. Make sure you've created config.json in the root directory (where package.json located), and you've set passPhrase and network parameters.


Serve (Dev mode)

node .
cd client && yarn serve


cd client && yarn build
yarn serve-build

Launch as process manager process

We recommend to use a process manager to start the program, f. e. pm2:

pm2 start ./server/server.js --name 2fa-demo-server
pm2 start ./client/server.js --name 2fa-demo-client

How to connect ADAMANT 2FA to your service

If you own a service (as email, exchange, financial interface, etc.) and want to add 2FA security for users, connect ADAMANT 2FA. To use ADAMANT 2FA, clone this project and modify client and server parts. Read more: How to connect ADAMANT 2FA to your business.

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