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GnuTLS bindings for Python
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Txzmq148576a year ago20September 15, 20217mpl-2.0Python
ZeroMQ bindings for Twisted
Elm Chartjs17
7 years ago2bsd-3-clauseJavaScript
Use Chartjs charts in Elm
12 years agootherRuby
ffi bindings for libevent. API compatible to EventMachine.
Python Gnutls9
13 years ago25March 20, 20202otherPython
GnuTLS bindings for Python
Zedux Immer3
2 months agomitJavaScript
ATTENTION! This is the old repository. The Zedux React package has moved to
Reactor Framework2
6 years ago2JavaScript
very fast reactive MVVM framework
Alternatives To Python Gnutls
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Python wrapper for the GnuTLS library

This package provides a high level object oriented wrapper around libgnutls, as well as low level bindings to the GnuTLS types and functions via ctypes. The high level wrapper hides the details of accessing the GnuTLS library via ctypes behind a set of classes that encapsulate GnuTLS sessions, certificates and credentials and expose them to python applications using a simple API.

The package also includes a Twisted interface that has seamless intergration with Twisted, providing connectTLS and listenTLS methods on the Twisted reactor once imported (the methods are automatically attached to the reactor by simply importing the GnuTLS Twisted interface module).

The high level wrapper is written using the GnuTLS library bindings that are made available via ctypes. This makes the wrapper very powerful and flexible as it has direct access to all the GnuTLS internals and is also very easy to extend without any need to write C code or recompile anything.

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