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Awesome Open Source


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  • - Main Dashboard script that draws the form and inserts text/images.
  • - Web scrapes data from
  • - Uses the module psutil to grab hard drive capacities
  • - Calls and grabs the latest BBC headlines
  • - Calls my Raspberry Pi on home network and gets PiHole data (web scrapes Temp and Memory usage)
  • - Web scrapes for the latest top selling games.
  • - Calls openweathermap API and gets 7 day weather for York, UK.

Run for the main program, this imports the 6 other scripts which have been seperated for easy editing.

Built With

  • tkinter - GUI creation and drawing
  • PIL - Python Imaging Library
  • PiHole - Used to gather PiHole information
  • Beautiful Soup - Web scraping Steam, Pi Hole and Threshold
  • psutil - Gathers hard drive capacity information

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