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Bootstrap Design Template — Assets Library — for Adobe XD


Colors Images Lists Tables Typography
Alerts Badges Breadcrumb Buttons Cards
Carousel Forms Jumbotron ListGroup MediaObject
Modal Pagination Progress Spinners Toasts

and more. Check other artboards from here /export

That is not all. You can use Colors and Character Styles of Bootstrap in Assets Panel. By placing text and objects and applying them, you can create realistic mockup in a short time.

Colors Character Styles Compornents
image image image


1. Fully reproduce the browser display.

The system font of mac was specified for the object to be placed. If you install fonts according to the README, the preparation is complete. Do you care how you did it? I traced the screenshots just.

2. Effective use of Assets Panel.

Make the most of your asset panel. You can place basic components and change the Colors, or apply Character Styles to placed text.

3. Maximize the possibilities of XD.

Including many features to make your work more efficient like responsive size features, art boards with grid layout settings, etc.

Getting Started


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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