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Awesome Open Source

audrey audio recorder, yes

examples $ audrey $ audrey -s $ audrey file.mp3

vars (supports runtime command execution) audrey_dir audrey_file

scr (scr scr scr scr for scr) Super CRappy SCReenshot & SCreen Recording SCRipt for Sound Cloud Rappers

More feature-rich alternative with gif support -


select an area and record at 30fps

$ scr -c -e

record from display HDMI-0 at 60fps, use profile 'wnd', and save as file.mp4

$ scr -c -mHDMI-0 -r60 -pwnd file.mp4

options screenshots -S selection -P primary display -G custom geometry recording -s save -e select -m: monitor -g: custom geometry -r: framerate -b: bitrate (in megabits) -p: profile -x: extra arg to pass to ffmpeg -a:: audio (optional arg for changing pulse device) -c don't confirm when starting : = arg is required, ex: '-r60'

variables: scr_dir, rec_dir scr_file, rec_file

dependencies xrandr boox / slop rofi / dmenu screenshots shotgun xclip recording ffmpeg procps-ng (pkill/pgrep, busybox-compatible) notify-send (optional, easy to replace/remove)

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