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Awesome Open Source


A framework made to automate tasks of pentesting. Written in python 2.7

reverse_shell - Creates a reverse shell with python to connect to a specific machine of your choice.
send_file - Allows you to send a file to target server.
php_backdoor - Generates a simple backdoor in php upload to web server ?cmd= to execute commands.
hash_check - Paste a hash to see what type of hash it is.
base64_converter - Paste base64 to decode or ascii to encode it knows which you want.
address_info - Gives you your ipv4, ipv6, and public Ip address based upon a interface.
hex_converter - Paste some ascii to encode or hex to decode it knows which you want.
page_contents - Get the raw HTML of a given web page.
password_checker - Check the strength of a given password.
fake_identity - Creates a fake name with SSN, address, credit card number, etc.
web_spider - Crawls a given URL for links.
ssl_cert - Gets the cert information of a given web site and its public key.
bash - Execute bash commands without exiting out of netpwn.
whois - Performs whois on a given URL.
crypto - Encrypts or decrypts a file with AES.
no_endian - Removes endianness on DWORDS.
rot13_converter - Encodes/decodes rot13.
url_converter - Url encoded and decodes string.
html_converter - Html enconded and decodes string.

cheat_sheet - Pentest monkey reverse shell cheat sheet
opcodes - Prints out all x86 OpCodes.
useful_links - Links to blogs, youtube channels, and other resources that offer good information about various topics that gives you the opportunity to learn more about the infosec field.

To run a specific module just type module name.
For example to run php_backdoor the command should look like this.
(netpwn) > php_backdoor

AutoComplete - Type a few letters of the command you want and hit tab to for auto completion.
clear - Type this to clear the screen.
banner - Type this command to display the banner.
help - Type this command to display help menu.
modules - Type this command to list available modules.
resources - Type this command to list available resources.
exit or CTRL^C - Exits netpwn

[netpwn [modules [help and resources


#git clone; cd netpwn; chmod +x install; ./install


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