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RoboRecall Free Locomotion 3dRudder


Play Only

  1. On your Pc, go to the folderOculus Folder\Software\epic-games-odin\RoboRecall\Binaries\Win64 and drag the 2 files Rudder.robo and Locomotion3dRudder.robo one after the other onto the RoboRecallModInstaller.exe (or just double-click Locomotion3dRudder.robo and Rudder.robo if it's already associated).
  2. Press 'Yes' when prompted to install each 2 mod.
  3. Click 'Play Now' after having installed the 2 mods or just run RoboRecall-Win64-Shipping.exe directly.
  4. Select only the "Locomotion3dRudder" mod and Enjoy!
  5. If you havent yet played Robo Recall, please note you'll first need to play the tutorial in teleportation mode before you can access the mod menu where youll be able to select Locomotion3dRudder".

Integrating the 3dRudder into a new mod

  1. Download the Robo Recall Editor through the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Download this repository as a zip file.
  3. Go to the directory where the Robo Recall Editor is installed, by default this is C:\Program Files\Epic Games\RoboRecallModKit.
  4. Extract the contents of the zip file into the directory, be sure to merge it with the existing folders.
  5. Start the Robo Recall Editor, it may ask to rebuild a few modules, click 'Yes' to recompile them.
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