My personal dotfiles, neovim(typescript), fish, zellij, etc.
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Awesome Cheatsheets32,908
5 days ago85mitJavaScript
👩‍💻👨‍💻 Awesome cheatsheets for popular programming languages, frameworks and development tools. They include everything you should know in one single file.
24 days ago87JavaScript
前端 100 天,帮助 10W 人入门并进阶前端。
Vim Vue1,282
6 months ago1October 04, 201730mitVim script
Syntax Highlight for Vue.js components
a month ago3gpl-3.0Lua
CosmicNvim is a lightweight and opinionated Neovim config for web development, specifically designed to provide a 💫 COSMIC programming experience!
4 years ago1mitVim script
My Vim configuration more Python, Javascript, Vue.js, Golang and Markdown, will add Haskell, Ruby and C/C++
10 days ago20mpl-2.0Vue
An open source tool for knowledge management.
4 months ago1mitVim Script
:round_pushpin: My dotfiles for macOS using Fish/Zsh, Neovim, and Tmux
Coc Volar200
2 days ago194January 13, 2023mitTypeScript
Volar (Fast Vue Language Support) extension for coc.nvim
Vim Vue Plugin165
2 months ago3unlicenseVim Script
Vim syntax and indent plugin for .vue files
Coc Vetur156
2 years ago5TypeScript
Vue language server extension for coc.nvim
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2nthony's dotfiles


vitesse.iterm vitesse.nvim


LunarVim is an IDE layer for Neovim.


  • [x] LSP
  • [x] Git Integration
  • [x] Code Syntax Highlighting
  • [x] Code Snippets
  • [x] Code Completion
  • [x] Code Diagnostics
  • [x] GitHub Copilot
  • [x] Bufferline
  • [x] Good Looking Theme
  • [x] Auto Session
  • [x] Print action messages at the bottom-right popup
  • [x] ...


  1. Install LunarVim
  2. Clone this repo and link lvim to ~/.config
git clone ~/yourpath
ln -s ~/yourpath/.config/lvim ~/.config


Full plugins see plugins.lua.


The latest keybindings in keymaps.lua.

<C> means to <Ctrl>

  • <C-h> better ^
  • <C-l> better $
  • <C-a> select all text
  • <C-j> LSP diagnostic next, <S-C-j> LSP diagnostic prev
  • <C-k> LSP hover
  • <C-\> open a float terminal
  • <C-n> new tab :tabedit


  • <Tab> next buffer, <S-Tab> previous buffer

f means to find or file

  • fe toggle file explorer
  • fd locate current file in file explorer
  • ff find a file
  • fr find character(live grep) in files (install ripgrep)
  • fb find a buffer(tab)
  • fo find oldfiles
  • fwd find workspace diagnostics(LSP diagnostics)
  • ftc find todo comments

g means to go or git

  • git open lazygit (install lazygit)
  • gw go to word after cursor, gW before cursor(leap.nvim)
  • gsj git next hunk
  • gsk git previous hunk
  • gss gitsigns stage hunk
  • gsS gitsigns stage file
  • gsr gitsigns reset hunk
  • gsu gitsigns undo stage hunk
  • gsp gitsigns preview hunk

See the full keybindings for git in keymaps.gitsigns

s means to switch, split, see, search or LSP

  • ss split window
  • sv vertical split window
  • sh switch to left window
  • sj switch to below window
  • sk switch to above window
  • sl switch to right window
  • sd LSP search declarations
  • sp LSP see preview definition
  • sr LSP replace declaration
  • sca LSP code action

Others, <Space> instead of \

  • <Space>w = :w
  • <Space>q = :q, :Q = :q!
  • <Space>bd delete buffer
  • <Space>bD force(!) delete buffer
  • <Space>bp pick a buffer
  • <Space>S ripgrep search(like global search)
  • <Space>tt toggle show troubles(problems)

Code Snippets (luasnip)

I use Dropcode to manage my code snippets.

// ~/Library/Application Support/Code/User/snippets/package.json
  "name": "my-snippets",
  "contributes": {
    "snippets": [
        "language": [
        "path": "./dropcode.code-snippets"





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