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Passionately crafted configs for CLI lovers

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What is this

My personal configs, carefully and passionately crafted for setting up an optimal CLI dev experience.


Hours and nights spent on the terminal, willingness to improve.


git clone
cd Dotfiles

# Menu based interactive setup

# Setup everythin unattended
./ -a


For installation git curl & zsh are must, other tools are mentioned below.


This list is not complete, package names may vary depending upon your system and your requirements.

# Required
git, zsh, neovim, kitty, tmux, git-delta, bat, fd, fzf, fasd, ag(silver_surfer), curl, powerline, xclip, lsd
# Optional
ranger, cmus, xdotool, libinput, htop, python, vim, broot, bash, i3, i3status, dmenu, ncdu, grc, exa, conky, konsole, autorandr, xplr

Powerline patched fonts are required for glyphs. I'll recommend Nerd Fonts. I'm using FiraCode.

Included Configurations

This repo contains configurations for following tools.

Some configs require special steps in order to use. Check respective tools documentation for more info.

  • git: I am using GPG signing by default for verifying commits, check this for details on setting up GPG or you can use git config --global commit.gpgSign false to disable it.

  • compiz: Import the compiz profile using ccsm.

  • conky Run conky with conky -dqc ~/.config/sysinfo.conkyrc.

  • konsole Open Konsole, Goto Settings -> Manage Profiles -> Check Konsole and click on Set as Default.

This repo also contains a few scripts in the scripts directory.

How it was built

Dotfiles was built using the internet and sleepless nights.

Challenges faced

Just getting over the initial learning curve on the command line, failing and trying again :)

What I learned

While building Dotfiles I have learned to love the command line and it's efficiency, have discovered countless tools and techniques which will serve me for the rest of my days.

What's next

Planning to add more tools, better management, always updating.

Hit the button if you found this useful.

More Info

Want this CLI experience on your Android too? have a look at Oh-My-Termux

Find more cool configs and setups at GitHub does dotfiles

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