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Centralize your kafka-connect instances

  • supports connect
  • shipped with dockerized images and the docker-compose file
  • compatibility with confluent platform 3.0.0
  • easy connector instance life-cycle management with fancy UI (screenshots)
  • easy config validation, management using JSON Schema, JSONEditor

Future Plans

  • support kafka-stream
  • real-time metrics for connect and stream



See more screenshots


Kafkalot consist of 2 sub-projects

  • kafkalot-storage (REST Server): persist configurations of connects and handling commands (start, validate, etc)
  • kafkalot-ui (SPA): provides view for managing connectors easily

with Docker

Set these env variables before launching compose

NOTE that a connect cluster should be in the same network otherwise kafkalot can't access

  • KAFKALOT_STORAGE_CONNECTOR_CLUSTERHOST: kafka connect cluster host
  • KAFKALOT_STORAGE_CONNECTOR_CLUSTERPORT: kafka connect cluster port
$ wget

  docker-compose up

If you do not have a connector cluster yet, use dockerized kafka and ZK

$ wget
$ wget

# env variables are already configured in `with-kafka.yml`
$ docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f with-kafka.yml up

See docker-compose.yml and with-kafka.yml

without Docker (Not Recommended)

See Running kafkalot without Docker

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