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Crack The Hash

Ultra fast hashcracking tool written in Python3

Update [v2.5.7]

  • Modified url to check for latest version number (you'll most likely have to reinstall the script instead of updating it using the -u/-update flag)


A powerfull hash cracker that is written in python3! The cracker currently supports only a limited amount of hash types (more hash types will eventually follow!). The cracking speed depends on your hardware or on the wordlist, you can choose. I hope you enjoy it! Feedback on the tool is appreciated! Also, feel free to contribute and make a pull request! That's why I choosed for Open Source :)!

Disclaimer (PLEASE READ) !!!

I made this tool to help me quickly crack hashes for ctfs! Please do not use this tool to cause any harm! I am not responsible for any misuse or damage made by this tool!


  • [ ] Add hash detection
  • [ ] Add more hashtypes
  • [ ] Cracking multiple hashes
  • [ ] Using GPU for cracking hashes
  • [ ] Using CPU to crack hashes


$ git clone cth

$ cd cth/

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

$ chmod +x


usage: ./ -H <HASH> [OPTIONS] -T <NUM> -w <WORDLIST>

Ultra fast hashcracking tool written in Python3

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -H hash, -hash hash   Your hash that you want to crack
  -w wordlist, -wordlist wordlist
                        The wordlist that is going to do the job (default:
  -T type, -type type   Specify the hash type, use "-L/-list" for more info (default: "0" (md-5))
  -o, -output           Output the result in a text file (default: "False")
  -oJ, -output-json     Output the result in JSON format (default: "False")
  -I, -interactive      Go through steps instead of typing all the flags manually
  -v, -verbose          Turn on verbosity mode (default: "False")
  -L, -list             Display all the hash types and exit
  -u, -update           Update the script to the latest version
  -V, -version          show program's version number and exit

Thank you for using this tool! Please take a moment and give some feedback on the tool:
@0xblackbird or [email protected]


MD5 hash cracking: Example 0

SHA3-512 hash cracking: Example 1

BLAKE2s hash cracking: Example 2

NTLM hash cracking: Example 3

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