Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


This is a container repository for my public web hacks. For more information, please check the Wiki. Ideally, it'd be continually updated with new interesting stuff over time.


If you find the stuff in this repo pretty interesting and would like to see more research of the kind, you may consider passing some Bitcoin dust to this address: 12FyKqVqVxpFDSr6puHbDMyiNKtR7cQwDb. Or this one if you prefer Ethereum: 0xC92E259a2572e0F5C9f912B3264617bf857e2A4F.

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javascript (69,803
pentesting (373
exploit (218
regex (165
tracking (149
fuzzing (144
xss (96
reconnaissance (92
web-security (46
payloads (26